Bringing technical know-how, news, and resources to the SAP development community.

Get ready for SAP Technical Journal, the technical magazine for SAP developers! SAP Technical Journal is designed to provide SAP developers with the solid advice, resources, and technical information they need to make critical development decisions and build and maintain the best applications possible.

Within the pages of SAP Technical Journal you’ll find technology tutorials, reviews of new products and options, technical tips, case studies, integration and systems management advice, and best-practice code samples. In addition to solid technical advice, SAP Technical Journal will include user group information, book reviews, product walk-throughs, and the latest news from SAP developers — all the resources and information you need to stay abreast of the most current developments in the SAP community.

To guarantee top-notch editorial content, SAP Technical Journal will be published by Miller Freeman Inc. in conjunction with SAP Labs Inc. Miller Freeman Inc. — the publishing company that brings you Dr. Dobb’s, Microsoft Systems Journal, Network Magazine, and Intelligent Enterprise — will control the journal’s content to ensure high editorial quality, while SAP’s close cooperation and support will guarantee that the journal’s content is both timely and accurate.

SAP Technical Journal’s editorial board is currently being assembled from representatives of SAP — including Robert Wenig, Heinz-Ulrich Roggenkemper, Franz-Josef Fritz, and Peter Graf — as well as independent developers, clients, and leaders of the SAP user group.

SAP Technical Journal will appear quarterly beginning January 1999.