SEO experiments that worked well

SEO experiments that worked well

Wow, it’s been a crazy busy couple of months with SEO Traffic Hacks opening on December 3 2019 (it just reopened here) and all of the various developments in the business here.

So let’s recap on what we now know about Parasite Page SEO and why it’s pretty much essential for SEO in 2019 (SEO still works in 2014 by the way and arguably still delivers much better ROI than paid traffic).

Feel free to skip ahead to the most interesting bits for you as I go over:

[a] what exactly Parasite Pages are and their benefits

[b] why you MUST be using them in your 2019 SEO campaigns for your sites and your clients

[c] and exactly HOW to use them for maximum effect + traps to watch out for

Let’s get started:

What Is A Parasite Page?

Like to get my complete 2015 SEO resources list – the exact tools & services I use every day in my SEO business – click here to get the PDF now.

If you’ve just switched over from another channel, welcome.

Unlike a new website where you buy a domain (.com, .net etc), set up hosting and then add content to your own site e.g., a Parasite Page is an inner webpage (not homepage) on an EXISTING platform owned by someone else e.g. (examples here are ones that DO have rankings power with Google – the whole point of Parasite Page SEO):

  • YouTube videos (less consistent to rank with SEO than you might think)
  • videos
  • press releases
  • press releases
  • press releases
  • articles
  • pages
  • Amazon S3 hosted pages
  • Google Sites pages
  • Reddit subreddit (possibly sticky) posts
  • Yahoo Answers pages
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter pages
  • Amazon product pages (e.g. Kindle books)
  • Blogger Blogspot pages (Blogger is owned by Google)
  • pages
  • pages
  • presentation pages
  • Google Play app pages (if relevant)
  • Forum thread pages
  • Pinterest boards
  • pages
  • pages
  • PDF pages

IMPORTANT: The whole point though of Parasite Pages is that Google seems to like them a lot more than ‘normal’ websites in terms of [a] how fast they rank, [b] how high they rank and, [c] how long they rank for.

So Parasite Page SEO can potentially allow you to:

1. Spend less on SEO with higher rankings (recommended blueprint below)
2. Not suffer Google slaps and rankings drops through algorithm changes anywhere near as severely as normal websites
3. Spread your SEO risk wider by not being as reliant on a single (normal) business website for targeted traffic.

Counter Penalty Strategy

Inside the private SEO Traffic Hacks training, for instance, one of our members had an affiliate site (normal website) doing $100,000 a month for a long time but eventually it attracted a Google Manual Penalty through over-aggressive linkbuilding, lost all rankings and his income went to zero.

So that member then created a benefits-driven press release (not the usual boring ‘here’s our new sales manager for Manitoba’), ranked it within 2 weeks for the same terms and the traffic coming to his (still penalized) affiliate website – via one press release – now brings in about $30,000 a month – from that one high ranking press release (more details inside the training area on that Case Study – SEO without Monetization is fairly pointless IMO).

And while that is ‘only’ 1/3 of his original income, not too many Internet Marketers would disregard a $30k a month site.

So why MUST you be using them in your 2019 SEO campaigns for your sites and your clients’ sites?

1. Negative SEO: thanks to Google’s ‘let the SEO community eat itself’ attitude – this has now reached ridiculous levels and normal websites are just too easy to nuke now with Neg SEO. Parasite Pages therefore offer some traffic maintenance security if your normal website/s get hit.

2. Page 1 Clutter:

Notice how cluttered many Google search results’ pages are now? Especially on local SEO terms. One way to combat that is by ranking MULTIPLE Parasite Pages and grabbing more of the available SERP ‘real estate’ on Page 1 for search terms. In a way, most Parasite Pages are effectively 1-page ‘websites’ and building and ranking normal multi-page websites would suck up a lot more resources.

3. Traffic: Obviously, the more traffic-attracting vehicles that you have ranking on Page 1 in Google, the more potential there is to make money from that traffic. And, often a Parasite Page can achieve Page 1 rankings on Google with as little as $100-$200 spent on SEO on it.

And, Google ALREADY likes pages on these authority sites UNLIKE new ‘normal’ websites.

So HOW Do You Use Parasite Pages For Maximum Effect – the SEO Blueprint?

Personally, I think Parasite Page SEO is essential to any SEO campaign in 2014 and probably beyond – even just from a risk mitigation point of view.

Yet there are still several different ways of using Parasite Pages for SEO-driven traffic:

1. Traffic Replacement For a Penalized/Slapped Site

This is an obvious counter-slap approach. Your site or your client’s site gets a Penguin/Panda/Manual Penalty slap and the traffic/$ disappear.


Launch a bunch of good benefit-driven Parasite Pages with SEO (see below for the blueprint) to get the Google Organic traffic back to the site.

2. Page 1 Domination Strategy

When you have a converting webpage (whether that’s a normal website or Parasite Page), more leads/money/optins can only come through more traffic. So building and SEOing more and more Parasites is a fast, cost effective way to do that.

There are 10 slots available on Page 1 of Google after all.

And it spreads the traffic risk around over more vehicles. No-brainer central.

3. Buffer Network Tier 1 Layer (especially with Switchbox SEO)

If you’re into tiered linkbuilding, Parasites can be a good way to build that first tier if you don’t have the resources for expired PR domains. By the way, these are the prices that current SEO Traffic Hacks members get expired PR domains for:

PR6: $149
PR5: $79
PR4: $36
PR3: $30

Those are about the lowest prices anywhere for expired PR domains.

But if those are a little out of reach right now, consider Parasite Pages as your Tier 1 (Google already likes them).

4. Reputation Management

Got a client with a terrible review on high up on Page 1 of Google for important terms?

Parasite Pages are a fast, cost-effective way (probably the fastest) of pushing that negative review down page 1 on Google, out of harm’s way for the client.

5. Countering Heavyweight Competition

With a normal website, taking on monster-sized authority sites would be a long, resource-draining battle for Page 1 presence.

However, and I have seen this over and over, a nicely optimized PR0 or PR n/a Parasite Page can penetrate super heavyweight competition (think sites with millions of backlinks) quickly and ridiculously cheaply. I have even seen (optimized) inner Parasite Pages on big authority sites outrank that same authority site’s own category pages for the same term!

And that is achievable with an SEO spend of about $200 or even less sometimes.

That’s the amazing power of Parasite Pages.

So what’s the exact SEO plan here – the 7 step Blueprint?

Well before that, firstly recognize that nothing works 100% of the time in SEO. Instead, we are looking for generally consistent trends.

Here’s my recommended step-by-step SEO process for Parasite Pages:

1. Choose a Parasite Page type that meets your goals i.e. press releases – in almost all cases – cannot be edited after publication. The same goes for a published video on YouTube – the video itself cannot be changed (though annotations/links on videos can be) or Yahoo Answers pages.

However, pages on, for example, Rebel Mouse, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon S3, Tumbler, Pinterest, Weebly or a popular forum thread, can be edited as much as you want. That might suit your specific goals better so think about that. Also consider running links through a Switchbox to your Parasite Page/s for greater SEO control.

2. Create the Parasite Page and get your main keyword into the title of the page PLUS a good hook for CTR (Click Through Rate by users) on Google (swap order of SEO/CTR text if too long) e.g.

Save Marriage? How I Saved My Doomed Marriage With 3 Small Changes

For SEO: ‘Save Marriage’

For CTR:  ‘How I Saved My Doomed Marriage With 3 Small Changes

WordPress Hosting: How To Install A New WP Blog In Under 2 Minutes

For SEO: ‘WordPress Hosting’

For CTR: ‘How To Install A New WP Blog In Under 2 Minutes’

3. Find a Blog Network service to run 50-100 post jobs (100 is better but will be more expensive) on your new Parasite Page/s.

Among the Blog Network services that I have used that you can consider are:

1. SE Slingshot

2. Rank Ascend

And one that I haven’t used yet that fits our Parasite Page SEO requirements (I’m not directly recommending it yest as I don’t have personal experience with it):

Anchor text-wise, go for as much variation as possible e.g. 50 different Anchors for 50 post runs, 100 different Anchors for 100 post runs.

Apart from being sensible 2014 SEO, it also gives you a shot at ranking for a lot of those terms. Remember, my Paleo Buzzfeed page ranked on Page 1 for more than 30 different, related paleo terms back in December (more on that below).

So how can you quickly grab 50 or 100 good Anchors to target?

Grab the URL of the currently #1 ranked site for your main keyword and enter it in the Google Keyword Planner and see what terms Google thinks are relevant for that site e.g.

4. If/when it ranks, keep adding more SEO juice through such linkbuilding measures as:

[a] very high quality manual blog comments on the highest PR blogs in your niche – forget about Anchor Text in the link on those comments, anything, including a name alias, will do. DO NOT use automated blog comment linkbuilding like Scrapebox. Keep it manual and high quality (can be outsourced). No more than a few a day maximum will be fine.

[b] additional high PR (on the page, not the root domain) links packages on Traffic Planet or Wicked Fire.

[c] build your own PBN (Private Blog Network) as a long term SEO asset. SEO Traffic Hacks includes detailed step-by-step training on setting up your own Private Blog Networks. This is a more ambitious step but very worthwhile in the development of your SEO resources.

Just remember to strongly consider running all your links to your Parasite Pages through Switchboxes for greater SEO control.

Parasite Page Traps To Be Aware Of

No business model is ever perfect and here are some important aspects of Parasite Page SEO to be mindful of:

1. The platform is not under your control.

Unlike a normal website that you own and control, Parasite Pages are ultimately under the control of the owners of the authority site where your inner pages are located there e.g. Facebook, That means if they suddenly decide on a policy change and, for example, no longer allow affiliate links or promotional articles, then your page/s could be removed and the effort gone into SEOing those pages might be lost (unless using Switchbox SEO).

2. The platform should ideally be editable.

Being able to go back into your Parasite Page and edit details can be extremely important. For instance, if an affiliate product that you are promoting via a PRWeb press release goes out of business or closes their affiliate program, then you can NOT go back into that press release and edit the links to go to a different affiliate product in the same niche, or the text of the press release to recommend that different product. That may or may not matter, depending on your specific goals but keep it in mind.

3. Different platforms gain & lose favour with Google over time

A few years back, Squidoo was a Google darling and lenses (pages) there ranked pretty easily. But eventually Squidoo was viewed by Google as too crowded with Internet Marketers and slapped Squidoo lenses out of the Google rankings (early 2011). All of that effort to [a] build the lens, and [b] rank it on Google, was therefore lost. The same happened to Ezine Articles, also early on in 2011. If you keep your Parasite to a single page and a small SEO budget, they are still great value but be aware that their favour with Google may not last, in which case, we can switch to other Parasite Page types.

4. The platform might be heavily moderated

Certain authority platforms are heavily moderated and anything that looks too promotional will probably get removed. For example, Reddit and Yahoo Answers are heavily moderated (even PRWeb press releases have to pass human review and they prohibit topics like electronic cigarettes) whereas YouTube is barely moderated at all.

5. It may take several trials to hit the target with a Parasite Page

As stated above, nothing works 100% of the time in SEO so don’t expect every single Parasite Page that you to try to rank to fly to the top of Page 1. Parasite Pages are powerful but even with a good SEO campaign, some just don’t rank. And, for conversions, you will need to study the best offer ‘hooks’ from the SERPs (particularly AdWords ads there) for your niche keywords and to weave into your Parasite Page content.

(Probably) The Top 10 Ranking Parasite Page Types:

1. PRWeb press releases
(not editable, moderated by human review)

2. YouTube videos
(video not editable though links on video are, unmoderated)

3. Amazon inner pages (e.g. Kindle book but much more setup work)
(editable, moderated at first)

4. Facebook
(editable, unmoderated)

5. Buzzfeed
(editable, unmoderated)

6. SBWire press releases
(not editable, moderated)

7. Yahoo Answers pages
(not editable, moderated)

8. Forum thread
(editable, moderated)

9. LinkedIn pages
(editable, unmoderated)

10. Pinterest boards
(editable, unmoderated)

That’s Parasite Page SEO (so far) in 2014.

Like to get my complete 2019 SEO resources list – the exact tools & services I use every day in my SEO business – click here to get the PDF now.

In the case of our Paleo test vehicles, the best result was for a Buzzfeed page with Blog Network backlinks. Generally speaking, a Parasite Page probably isn’t going to rank with weak links so go for a decent SEO package – while remembering that nothing works 100% of the time in SEO.

Over the coming days, I’ll be unpacking the test results on Paleo in more detail before we move on to other experiments planned here.

Music Monetization Update

We chose as our music distributor, paid the required $29 fee and are in the 28 day waiting period while they review our album for distribution. As soon as there’s news, it will be posted here.

If you have further questions, email me at support(at) and I will answer personally.

For more deep-dive SEO and monetization tactics and case studies not available anywhere else, see you inside SEO.

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