Using new Technology and Lego in Private Lessons

We reside in the moments when modern-day technologies exist at every action. Sometimes it may appear that smart devices and also tablets preoccupy us totally, especially the youngest ones. Between generations, the modifications in way of lives as well as outlooks on life are progressively noticeable. And the expectation on life is much eliminated from what we made use of to understand 20 years ago. On the one hand, maybe we are not thrilled by such turn of affairs, but on the other, this affords a chance we may get hold of and make the most of. Try out private lessons- ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα – and help yourself or your kid.

It could seem that language schools tired the approaches of imaginative mentor a long time ago. However, what some of the language learners are still missing today, are noticeable results of their efforts as well as dedicated time. Presently, when we have such varied tools and also technologies, traditional Xerox copies as well as reviewing publications are slowly penetrating oblivion as well as regularly they are not an ample motivation to discover.

Amongst comments, we might review at forums concerning language programs, among the most often addressed topics is youngsters’s development in understanding. When moms and dads sign their spawn up for a language training course, they anticipate tangible results as well as ideally within the quickest feasible time. Nonetheless, when a pupil identifies finding out with an unpleasant task, they swiftly lose interest and motivation.

What shall we choose from the whole variety of readily available options?

Jarosław Kałasz and also Marek Maj– business owners as well as creators of the GO4Robot Academy, which shows kids programming in robotics using LEGO blocks, will tell us today regarding among such untypical techniques of language teaching.

Marek as well as Jarek– independently friends from studies, and creators of GO4Robot in business facet. The desire to show with trial and error and also fun got them with each other. As they assert themselves, this is passion and also not function, so they occasionally jokingly say they are basically jobless. When they run courses, they influence the individuals with their commitment and smile. Creative thinking and excellent enjoyable is their 2nd name. This mix helps them to win the trust of parents as well as children.
What do workshops in robotics contain and just how can they be combined with language teaching?

Dealing with LEGO ® educational sets, during each class children create a new robot (generally utilizing the user’s manual, however this is not a guideline), which they later on “bring to life” by configuring it. Owing to this, they find out the rules of programming logic, problem solving and imagination.

Private lessons in robotics- ιδιαίτερα ρομποτική – can be quickly incorporated with international language understanding. A fine example is comprised of classes when youngsters construct an animal robot and the relevant vocabulary is reviewed with them. We can likewise create more advanced robotics, for instance, ones capable of acknowledging shades on its own, as well as we give their names in English. Those are just a few instances. There are a great deal of possibilities, and also we are limited only by our imagination. Additionally, the whole programming procedure is accomplished in English as a default.

Classes occur only in English or there are also various other choices available?

Naturally, there are. We discover whatever language we want! The very process of programs can be carried out in different languages.

The main LEGO application we utilize for that purpose sustains the adhering to languages:

English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese as well as Korean. As can be seen, the range of options is fairly comprehensive. What is more, one can videotape own sounds and commands, which the robot will later on playback. Because of this, the option is practically unlimited.

What are the effects of combining robotics with private language learning?

The actual act of structure something out of LEGO blocks assists to establish spatial creativity. Children have the opportunity to display creative thinking and share themselves by going beyond patterns as well as directions. If we include robotics and also programs, after that we have such additional benefits as the advancement of abstract thought, manual skills or boosted interest in technical scientific research.

As opposed to supplying a dry concept, we rely on a kid’s development with the participation of their practically all detects. We perform interesting experiments, which provide live presentations of the basic policies of the globe’s performance. As well as kids not only learn amazing things yet likewise have a lot of fun while doing this. Owing to this, we promote the youngster’ mind in an original method, which raises the speed of the adaptation of new knowledge.

Once we combine this with international language learning, we have outstanding impacts. We interact with the open minds of kids, that willingly absorb brand-new knowledge from each side! Owing to this, pupils learn definitely quicker, remembering new words is a lot easier for them, as well as they additionally display no unwillingness in interacting with others.

Do private lessons of such kind give pleasure?

Youngsters love those courses as well as there are possibly extremely few individuals that do not like having fun with LEGO blocks. And this is the specific reason that finding out with their use is such fun for pupils and also why they so willingly go to the private lessons. Within 4 years, the courses in robotics have established throughout virtually whole Poznań and its environments. On a daily basis, greater than 1500 children learn in the Academy, in 100 numerous facilities, as well as not just in the capital city of the Greater Poland area. And also the variety of those willing to find out with us is expanding all the time: by 50% percent yearly on the standard. Moms and dads likewise often inquire about this kind of courses in schools or kindergartens participated in by their kids.

How can we incorporate the routine college deal with courses in robotics?

Robotics may serve as a supplementary technique to diversify the timeless techniques of foreign language mentor. But it works at its best when utilized as a stand-alone remedy. For instance, in its offer our company supplies the alternative to open up franchising setups. We assure equipment, training bundle, course situations, access to the committed system and also complete support to any person willing to start cooperating with us!

Is there any type of age restrictions for learning?

All educational program enables discovering of robotics and also shows currently to 4-year-olds! Our earliest pupils are 14 years old. We rely upon long-term contact with a kid. Course curricula have been designed as if on the one hand, we do not bewilder pupils with an excessive dose of info, and also we assure education and learning and also home entertainment for the next 6 years on the various other.

Can private lessons apply such courses?

Certainly, this is simple in any way. It is enough just to have the determination to develop, acquire tools, undertake training as well as begin acting. There is no escape from technology, yet as can be seen, we might utilize it successfully in the process of education and learning, which is most likely to add favourably to the inspiration of our trainees.

However, if your child has nothing to do with technology it can always learn to play a music instrument like the Greek bouzouki- ιδιαίτερα μπουζούκι.

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